~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~ (bccghettoprep) wrote in monkeyisdead,
~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~

cnn will hate my yet

so there was nothing there to comment on.. but i would love to make one of my own.. war sucks.. bush is out for world domination.. and i dont personally see how we as americans can justify the killing of millions of the innocent for thier own liberation.. it is goes without saying that there is alot of propaganda around the war.. so i like to base things on what i know.. wars kill people.. and we are fighting a war to free them from sadamns empire.. which would mean that we are killing them to free them.. there is a quote that one man said.. a very wise man..

"Fighting for peace is like having sex for virginity"

and seeing as how we are fighting for the iraqie peace from thier own government.. i definately think that it applies..
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