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we will NOT stand down...

Annonomous reply to a previous most of mine:
i found your link thru some chicks journal and all i have to say is that your fucking retarded and you should open your eyes cause we fucking helped out a country that was being KILLED BY THEIR FUCKING "LEADER make themselves better and actaully envolve themselves in the world. We helped them and now they will survive in the world instead of being killed cause saddamm wants to test his new fucking weapons. everyone else is happy that we helped their butts out so you should be too. protesters are gay the only reason you can protest is cause our troops saved your asses back in the Revolution by FORMING THE FUCKING US OF A and damn im happy to live in a free country so why dont you think about what you are about then slap yourself for being retarded."
and my reply:
i would like to thank you for your overall iliterate rampleings.. im glad to know that i pissed poeple off.. and i am not going to try and change your mind, because we know that isnt going to happen, aswell as me changing my "retarded" views.. but lets think for a minute.. we win, and they show millions of iraqies waving the peace sign, stealing fucking air conditionars, and chanting "we love bush"... now they are protesting because they want us out... no one really knows what is going on over there besides them, and they want us fucking gone.. so right.. and also.. gas prices have dropped.. and this wasnt a war for oil.. and sadam was leaveing us the fuck alone.. it was his people that he was harassing.. but somehow, it was americas problem.. why not let china, britan, poland.. someone else handle it.. why is it americas job to take the big brother act, go behind the UN (an organization for maintaining world peace), to do something that we had to fucking business doing.. and again to a previous point.. yes, we do live in america.. thank you captin obvious.. and we do have the right to protest.. and they do now to. and they are telling us to get the fuck out.. GO FUCKING FIGURE.. and also.. you made me sound like chiken shit.. when i was the one that made the post.. and you were the one that made an annonimous comment.. its funny.. the pro peace welcome critisizm.. we welcome protesters.. we even welcome this bullshit.. but those that are anti peace.. Yes.. thats right.. ANTI FUCKING PEACE.. like to rant and rave and kick the shit out of our ideals.. gee.. wonder who is close minded on this one.. bub.. and if you werent so hell bend on being a fucking hick.. you would see the whole point of the peace.. we wanted peace so we fought a war.. which is extreamly contridictouralel.. we wanted to set them free... so we fought a war that killed millions of thier innocent civilans.. im not saying that they wouldnt have eneded up dead anyway.. but they didnt die at the hands of someone that wanted them dead.. they died for thier own freedom.. and not willingly mind you.. so i wish you a good life.. an open mind.. and better information.. before you open your mouth to speak, make sure that your mind isnt closed aswell...

and ps..
you can love jesus.. and NOT throw sticks at gay people.. (just thought you should know)
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Aight. I love the free speech. I hate me good these wars.
And we should be careful in our arguments. There was no need to mention Jesus. I'd also warn you to be mindful of spelling and grammar when you're trying to prove superiority.
The American troops have done many reprehensible things in Afghanistan and Iraq. Naturally, the biased American media won't report the atrocities...
It was a war for economic interests. The US has no allies, it only has interests. In this case, oil did play a significant factor, as in all Caspian-sea "Gulf" attacks. Thank you for not mentioning the bullshit euphemism of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Let's stick with GULF WAR II.
"The idea that someone who criticizes his country is a bad citizen is naive and untrue. He is, more likely, a good citizen who hates to see his country debauched." ~Menken

Wouldn't it be great if Ex Parte Miligan was upheld?

"The constitution cannot be suspended, even in great exigencies of government."
The reasoning for the comment on the bottom was for the statement that he made... "protesters are gay", which i have a totally unrealted vendeta about.. But, i am glad that you support me.. I didnt realize that my grammer and spelling was so horrible, although i could have figured.. I was so upset by what he had said that i didnt really pay close attention.. Although i was trying to prove a point, not superioraty.. But, thank you very much for your support.. And the information aswell.. We all have our views.. But it is improtant that through those views we all stay united.. And i would like to personally thank you for brings us all one step closer to unity.. You are wonderful.. Stay that way!! ;)
"Killing for peace is like fucking for chastity."
thank you.. glad someone sees it my way..