~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~ (bccghettoprep) wrote in monkeyisdead,
~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~

its all about the finger...

when someone that is pro peace comes across a rally of those that are anit peace (a.k.a. pro war), we scream we yell.. the same things that they do.. BUT.. we flip them the peace sign.. when someone who is anti war comes across one of our rallys, we get "half a peace sign".. we get the same finger that mothers have warned their children about, the same one that politicians of all walks of life want to see made illegal, and the same finger that start many a fight.. so if the nationally recognized sign for peace is obviously the peace sign, and the nationally recognized sign for this war is the middle finger.. what does that say about not only this ridiculous war that we are fighting, but the people that are in support of it all...

ever notice how the ones that support the war are always trashy red necks?? i mean if i cant take a shower in support of this thing.. im glad that i am pro peace...

"War is nothing less then a fancy name for reckless endangerment"
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