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racism ~vs~ war

i have been reading over a white sepremecie site.. stromfront.org.. and i must admit that what i have found was shocking.. this site is a group of people that breed hate.. and considering that the site is founded by a fourteen year old, this proves my point exactly.. i was talking to my mother tonight about all of this.. and i figured something out.. these people wouldnt speak thier minds if they were actually around black people.. they are all from the deep south, where black folk dear not go.. i learned of a white sepremisis that lived here in battle creek about ten years back.. he was very active in his beliefs.. and had his legs broken and was burnt alive in his house.. i think that it is extreamly funny how they sit and hide in back country when the first logical step to thier plans of white domination would be to expose themselves to black culture inorder to figure out a way to domolish it.. i have found that war is the same way.. those that are pro war are like white sepremicists.. they do not like the arab culture and therefore are fighting a war to get ride of it.. it is procaimed against sadamn husain.. but somehow in trying to get him we have found the means to justify the killing of many millions of innocent woman children and sivilians.. after nine elveen, all of us wanted to rid the country of the arab ethnicity.. we thought that because they possed certain characteristics and skin pigments that it made them inferior.. freind of mine stopped buying cigs from the liberty mart, my friends mom refused to by gas from the marathon gas station.. and we started to burry ourselves deep in the back countries of our minds... and this lured us all into a false set of belifs.. one that made each and every one of us at one time or another form superiority.. or atleast the complex of.. and today, as i was reading over the articles in this site.. i began to draw the distintion between these white men and woman and thier haterd for blacks to the over all american hated or the arabs.. the iraqies.. and i began to cry.. because i realized that i am part of a culture inwhich we fight wars and justify murder by skin color and ethnicity..
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